Okayama Prefecture Library Cross-searchingOkayama Prefecture Library Cross-searching


【 Search condition preservation 】

1. Preservation method

First to display the Detailed Search screen ( link ) to set the search condition.

Then click the Save Settings button on the search screen.

Then, a screen prompting you to enter the search condition name will appear,Please register with any name.

This registration is complete. It should be noted that the registration of the search conditions can be up to 3 patterns.

2. How to call the saved settings

First to display the Detailed Search screen ( link ), and select the search conditions you want to call from the pull-down menu, and click the "Set read" button.

Then, read the registration information that is set in the details on the screen, for search.


【 Title 】

If you use "It includes", please divide each word and input each frame.

(For example) "LittlePigs" → "Little" And "Pigs"

If you search by title(reading), please use "It each includes" ,and divide each word(Kana) and input frame.

(For example) "三びきのこぶた" → "サンビキ" And "コブタ"

In case of the title with blank spaces, please input it without them.

(For example) “The door into summer” → “Thedoorintosummer”


【 Author 】

Please input space(full-width) between last name and first name.


【 Subject 】

If such specific title is not clear, for example, you might find the book by searching the "environmental issues" when you are examined environment.


【 NDC classification 】

"NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification)" basically use 3 digits to classify the content.

"It chooses from the classification table" … If you click, it classification designation screen is displayed in a sepertate window.

"Delete button" … If you click, you can delete the object of the NDC classification.